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Our Mission is to provide our customers with great performance and value with all of our products.

WHY K9 Fluoro ? — After fishing competitively for many years, I was frustrated when purchasing fishing line. Either the high end lines were too expensive, or the lower priced lines did not perform well for me. 

Call me crazy, but I sought out experts in line creation, and decided to create my own brand. After getting the line ready for testing, we put spools in the hands of local fisherman and pros to test. The reviews were extremely positive. So here we are … K9 Fluoro is now on the market. Offered in varied sized spools, and priced below most other lines on a yard for yard basis. 

K9 Fluoro will fill the needs of fisherman in about 85% of all fishing situations. No line is perfect, but K9 Fluoro was designed to perform under most applications.

Please let me know your story after trying it on your home waters. Thank You, Kelly Albert

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